The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science (CXS) Authorship Policy establishes minimum requirements for Authorship and Acknowledgments. CXS recognises that many journals may have additional requirements. An author must comply with the authorship requirements of the journal to which a manuscript is submitted‚ provided that he/she also meets the minimum requirements of this policy.

This policy applies to all written submissions by all CXS members.

Responsibilities of Authors

An author has made a substantial contribution to conception and design‚ or acquisition of data‚ or analysis and interpretation of data;

An author has given final approval of the version to be published.

Selection of Authors

All those who have made significant contributions should be offered the opportunity to be listed as authors;

Other individuals who have contributed to the study should be acknowledged‚ but not identified as authors;

Deceased persons who meet the criterion for co-authorship should be included‚ with a footnote reporting date of death;

The author who submits a manuscript for publication accepts the responsibility of having included as co-authors all persons appropriate and none inappropriate.

Ordering of Authors

Where there are competing apparently equivalent claims for first place on the authorship list then the most junior author will take priority or‚ where appropriate‚ be offered a designation as joint first author.

For further information on the CXS Authorship Policy please call 03 8344 54441

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