This document outlines the principles in relation to intellectual property (IP) as they pertain to the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science (CXS). It is essential that all partner institutions understand their respective roles‚ rights and responsibilities in relation to these issues.

Statement of Principles

CXS encourages an environment in which our research will develop and strengthen.

These principles aims to protect and respect the rights of copyright owners‚ including the rights of inventors and other holders of information.

Each partner institution will have policies approved by their governing body relating to the ownership‚ protection and exploitation of Intellectual Property (IP).

IP encompasses the tangible representation of intellect and creativity‚ and is often represented in the form of patents‚ registered designs‚ trademarks‚ copyright‚ circuit layout rights and trade secrets.

CXS partner institutions can claim ownership of the IP created by CXS members‚ students and general staff in the course of their affiliation with CXS whilst undertaking CXS related research and activities.

CXS will‚ where possible and relevant‚ consult with the inventors in relation to the commercialization and use of CXS IP created by them.

Inventors are expected to make full disclosure of all relevant information to CXS to support decision making by CXS in determining any course of action.

In the commercialization of IP CXS partner institutions will attempt to recover reasonable costs expended during the course of its generation. In addition‚ CXS partner institutions would expect to receive some commercial return from the commercialization comparable to its level of resource input and risk.

CXS partner institutions must adhere to their own institutions policies on claiming ownership of IP created by students in the course of their studies.

These principles and relevant supporting documents will be accessible to current staff and students to ensure that the parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities‚ and to potential staff and students to enable them to be informed of their rights and responsibilities prior to entering into employment with CXS partner institutions.

Consistent with best laboratory practice‚ CXS will use best endeavours to ensure that all staff and research students understand and follow best practice record keeping‚ consistent with the requirements for demonstrating priority date for any claim of IP rights.

Staff of CXS partner institutions are required to make full disclosure of any conflict of interest in research. As soon as is reasonably practicable this disclosure of a conflict of interest in research must be made in any proposal for commercialization of IP. CXS will provide direction on the management and resolution of any such conflict of interest relating to research and its commercialization.

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