Synchrotron Seminar Series 2006 and 2007

In September 2006 CXS hosted the University of Melbourne Science with Synchrotrons Seminar series. The series comprised seven lectures and showcased the Synchrotron facilities so potential users could understand the functionality of the facility and how it could assist in their future research work.

The Australian Synchrotron commenced operations in 2007 with nine beamlines. The Synchrotron will be extended over the coming years to a full capacity of over thirty beamlines.

Details of the seminars are listed below:

1 September Mark Tobin Infrared Microspectroscopy at the Australian Synchrotron
6 October Dr David Paterson Microspectroscopy: A Versatile X-ray Microprobe
A tale of applications from mineral exploration via forensics to sub-cellular imaging for bio-medical research
3 November Dr Chris Glover X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS): One of the first five beamlines to be operational at the Australian Synchrotron
8 December Dr Nigel Kirby SAXS and the Synchrotron
2 March Dr Kia Wallwork High Resolution Powder Diffraction at the Australian Synchrotron
4 May Dr Bruce Cowie The Soft X-ray Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron
1 June Dr Julian Adams Protein Crystallography at the Australian Synchrotron

The seminars were well attended and enjoyed by all. Those people who raised questions were delighted to receive answers directly from the scientists who use the Synchrotron facilities on a daily basis.

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