Metals in Alzheimer’s Disease by Combined Synchrotron-based Approaches

The aim of this project is to dissect transition metal interactions of various folding forms of amyloid-β (Aβ) species in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), utilising the combined synchrotron-based approaches of X-ray absorption spectroscopy, microscopy and diffraction. We hypothesize that solving such Aβ structures will provide insight into structure-function of Aβ metal binding, production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) and AD brain oxidative stress; and help the design, selection and discovery of novel chemical entities (NCEs) towards novel AD diagnostics and therapeutics.

This project will include collaboration with University of Melbourne Bio21 and Mental Health Research Institute.

Location: CSIRO, Parkville
Supervisor: Dr Victor Streltsov

Further Information for Applicants: 
Applications may be made by students who have completed at least 3 years of a Relevant BSc degree. Application forms are available from the CXS Available Scholarships webpage

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