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Abhishek-AwasthiAbhishek Awasthi

Transition and Student Engagement Officer, La Trobe University


- After leaving CXS I did some work as Technical and Research Assistant and further to that took the role of Transition and Student Engagement Officer at La Trobe University

- My current role is focussed on building and maximising the informal learning experiences of students. Work to consolidate and enhance the co-curricular programs and strategies that contribute to student retention, success and engagement. I am also responsible to drive new programs and initiatives across the University campus, including the Infinity Leadership Program, La Trobe Award, Student Career Mentoring Program, Career Development, Career Education, Career Expos, Career counseling, Orientation and Transition programs and Student communication through La News and the current student website.

- CXS was instrumental in helping me to further my career. The attributes which I picked up and developed while being a CXS member were - being creative, innovative, analytical, flexible, ethical, collaborative and supportive. Thank you CXS and a special thank you to Leann.


Jesse Clark

Post Doctoral Research Associate, London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London


Since leaving CXS I have continued research into coherent diffraction imaging (CDI). I am currently using CDI to examine strain at the nanoscale by imaging crystalline materials. Some of the samples we look at are gold nanocrystals, thin films and magnetic materials. My current role involves quite a lot of synchrotron work, data analysis and technique development. My time at CXS was very useful in making the transition from PhD student to post-doctoral researcher. The CXS allowed me a broad range of experience, from synchrotron experiments to presenting at conferences. The interdisciplinary nature of the CXS was also very helpful as it allowed me to work with researchers from a diverse range of fields.


Adrian-MancusoAdrian Mancuso

Leading Scientist, Single Particles, clusters and Biomolecules European XFEL GmbH -SPB Instruments


Adrian Mancuso completed his PhD on the subject of coherent x-ray diffractive imaging in the group of Keith Nugent at the University of Melbourne. Today he is still using the knowledge gained during that time to design and deliver the Single Particles, clusters and Biomolecules (SPB) instrument of the European XFEL. The purpose of the SPB instrument is to exploit the ultra-bright coherent x-rays of the European XFEL for the determination of biological structures.


Dr Laura Danielle Osellame

University College London and UK Parkinson's Disease Consortium


Since moving to the UK my research has been focused on determining molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s Disease (PD), in particular mitochondrial dysfunction associated with neurodegeneration of the disease. I am currently exploring the links between defective mitochondrial turnover and how this affects neuronal death in PD. The time I spent with the CXS helped me appreciate different techniques, in particular high resolution microscopy, and how some of these techniques can illuminate information in a way that standard established techniques cannot. Meeting and working with scientists from different academic backgrounds also teaches one to convey data in a way that is assessable to all, which has been extremely helpful as I am now a part of a large consortium which contains many scientists with different training and specialties.


Olena-PonomarenkoOlena Ponomarenko

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Geological Sciences and Teaching Assistant, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada


As a member of the research group of Profs Ingrid Pickering and Graham George (Canada Research Chairs in Molecular Environmental Science and XAS), I am a user at the Canadian Light Source (Saskatoon, Canada) and involved in the experiments using the ‘bulk XAS’ and the imaging hard-XRF beamlines at the SSRL (SLAC, Stanford, USA).

Main duties: -XRF/NEXAS/EXAFS data analysis. -Computer simulations of biomolecules. Taking part in the projects: XAS/XRF imaging in studies of molecular mechanisms of metals and metalloids toxicity; structure and properties of metalloproteins; biogeochemistry and remediation of environment. Involved in teaching of a 3d level undergraduate physics course ‘Concepts in Radiation Physics’. Taking part in the research seminars in Plasma Physics.

Work in the ARC CoE CXS gave me: -Broad and substantial knowledge in X-ray science, optics, laser-matter interactions, imaging, in particular, non-crystallographic methods of X-ray imaging; -Awareness in current trends in experimental materials science, biochemistry and biophysics research; -Experience in programming, long/large scale numerical computer simulations, proposal writing, scientific presentations; -Acquired a great professional network (members of the CXS and the CXS’ collaborators).


Sven-TeichmannSven Teichman

Senior Associate, Financial Risk Management, KPMG


Working in Advisory, Risk Consulting with the focus on banking. Currently involved in a project regarding banks' risk-bearing capacity, internal capital adequacy assessment process, regulatory requirements.


David Vine

Beamline Scientist, The Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab


I spent one of my two years with the CXS based out of Chicago where I worked on the coherent imaging endstation. It was during this time that I was introduced to the vibrant research community at the APS. The connections made during my time with CXS opened up many career opportunities and at the conclusion of my postdoc I accepted a beamline scientist position at the APS. I currently work at sectors 2 & 34 on the coherent diffractive imaging program which affords me the opportunity to work on a variety of cutting-edge experiments with leading scientists from around the world.


Dr Kaushal Dhirendra Vora

Process Engineer, Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), ACT Node, RSPE, ANU


My current work involves instructing, training and supervising staff and students from ANU and other Australian institutions in the use of various ANFF-designated lithography, deposition and etching tools. Further, I am responsible for preventive maintenance, repair, service and daily operation of these systems. A part of my current job also involves in developing and optimising lithographic processes related to these systems. The knowledge gained about various lithographic processes as well as the experience of instructing and training students during my association with CXS has helped me a lot in fulfilling my current job duties.


Lachlan Whitehead

Trainee Patent Attorney, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick


After graduating in 2011, I moved into the Intellectual Property field and secured a position in the EPIT (Electronics, Physics, and IT) group at IP firm Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick. In my current role I deal with patents ranging from consumer electronics, to medical devices, to offshore oil rigs. Working with scientists from a range of different fields as a part of CXS provided invaluable experience relevant to my current position.


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