The following is a list of CXS visitor categories:

The CXS Director‚ Deputy Director or Chief of Operations is responsible for authorising approval of individuals into the different categories; initial decisions to be taken by the Program Group Leaders.

All non-staff personnel will be informed of their responsibilities at the beginning of their association with CXS.

Honorary Research Fellows

Retired employees from any associated CXS node completing or continuing work on projects of merit. These activities must be in line with the goals of CXS.

Visiting Scientists

Scientifically qualified staff from other Australian or overseas universities and research institutes spending time working with CXS on a research program of mutual benefit and interest to both the visitor and CXS. Click here to view the previous visiting scientist.


Scientific Associates: Researchers with some formal scientific qualifications. Scope is provided for them to work on their own projects (subject to negotiation) provided these are of mutual benefit and interest to both the associate and CXS.

Associates: Persons for whom formal qualifications are not necessary but who are accorded this status based on valuable practical experience. Scope is provided for them to work on their own projects (subject to negotiation) provided there is a notable benefit to CXS.


CXS: Honours‚ Masters‚ PhD or Summer Research students appointed through a personnel/enrolment system of a CXS node.

University: Honours‚ Masters‚ or PhD students registered at an Australian tertiary institutions and Summer Research students appointed by CXS or collaborating institutions. These students must have at least one supervisor as a member of CXS.

Work Experience Students: Students undertaking work placement as part of a vocational education or outreach program. These students are to be working in a structured program of training for a specified period and are deemed workers by the Department of Education and Training or agreed secondment.


Volunteer helpers or participants in outreach programs working on defined tasks governed by skill levels‚ and supported by a written agreement (guidelines to be in line with each nodes relevant policies).

Day Visitors

Casual visitors to CXS entering with the intention of visiting individual staff members or using Centre facilities. Day visitors have access to the buildings during normal business hours only.


Individuals or businesses retained to provide specific services for CXS on a fee for service basis. Access available during normal business hours only.

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